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2015 Kansas Workers Compensation Law Update

NEW - Kansas Workers Compensation Claim Triage. What Is Kansas Work Comp Claim Triage? Kansas work comp claim triage is a new proactive approach for employers, carriers and TPAs in Kansas to act immediately upon receipt of notice of a work injury to utilize 2011 Kansas reform laws more effectively and to identify “red flag” claims for enhanced attention and action. There are actions Kansas employers, carriers and TPAs can proactively take to utilize and apply 2011 reform law provisions which are not available in other states. Kansas employers need to know about these proactive actions available to them and they...

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July 11, 2012 Kansas Workers Compensation Law Update

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Final Results Of The 2012 Kansas Legislative Session. The final results of the 2012 Kansas legislative session were no substantive or significant changes to the Kansas Workers Compensation Act. Our 2011 pro-employer reform laws remain in place and are starting to take hold with great results for employers. Summary Of A Few Of The Significant 2011 Pro-Employer Kansas WC Law Reforms: To be a compensable work accident, there must be an undesigned, sudden and unexpected traumatic event, identifiable by time, and place of occurrence, and must produce at the time of the accident, symptoms of injury and must occur on a single work...

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