NWCDN Kansas Representative



Many firms, one purpose.


The National Workers Compensation Defense Network  (www.NWCDN.com) is a national network of law firms dedicated to protecting employers, carriers and third party administrators in workers compensation claims.


NWCDN began out of a need for quality work comp defense attorneys nationwide. Members were frequently being asked by their client employers, risk pools and insurers with regional or national footprints, for recommendations for top work comp defense attorneys in other states. Clients needed access to a resource that would help them locate great work comp attorneys anywhere in the country. NWCDN isn’t a legal directory; it’s a living network of real lawyers who are committed to networking with other top work comp defense attorneys across the nation to provide clients with workers compensation expertise, education and guidance specifically tailored to their needs.


NWCDN hosts an annual, by invitation-only, national high level client seminar and multiple regional seminars across the country that cover cutting-edge legal and claims management issues specific to workers compensation (http://www.NWCDN.com/2018-seminars).


Through its website, attorneys can be contacted individually and can also coordinate a group response to answer questions about the latest trends or issues applying to one or more state jurisdictions. With members located in major cities throughout the United States, NWCDN takes each member’s hands-on local approach to workers compensation law, practice and procedure, and combines it into a national perspective. It is like having your favorite workers compensation defense counselor in every state your business operates.